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It is the goal of Reliance Health Care to achieve the highest quality of life possible for our clients.

We will provide a warm, comfortable, and rewarding experience not only for the clients who choose us but the associates that make Reliance Health Care the premier health care provider in Arkansas.

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About Us

In the few short years since it’s creation in 1998, Reliance Health Care, Inc. has earned the trust and respect of the geriatric population of this great state by providing excellent nursing and recuperative care designed to give families the peace of mind they deserve.

Reliance’s owners and directors have brought the unique combination of energetic youth and fresh ideas coupled with vast knowledge and experience to the field of health care management with indisputably successful results.

They bring with them generations of families, histories, and traditions deeply rooted in the Arkansas Nursing Home and Health Care industry stemming from it’s very organization in this state. Reliance Health Care proudly carries that family heritage, and continues to provide personalized care while upholding the values and high expectations of dignity and respect that built and shaped the preceding generations.


In our efforts to provide the geriatric population of this state with the highest possible levels of quality care, we focus intently on our patients as people; as individuals with pride and dignity who are deserving of the love and understanding, respect and reverence we each show to our own loved ones as they begin to lean a little harder on us for assistance with their daily lives.

We want to know our patients and their families. We want to hear their stories and understand their fears. We want to help them maintain their independence and self-respect and to gracefully enjoy everything this life has to offer. We want to rejoice with them in times of celebration, and to comfort them in times of trial. As we continually educate ourselves, learning, training, growing, exploring, and creating new and innovative approaches to treating the many medical challenges facing those whom we serve, we strive to make a difference by also treating the spirit. We want our patients to lean on us with confidence and security.

The quality of health care you expect… the peace of mind you deserve.

Employment Opportunites

We look for compassionate, energetic, trustworthy, dependable and motivated individuals when recruiting for our wonderful teams of caregivers. Our facilities’ Administrators provide proven leadership experience and operational support at all levels. With excellent, competitive pay rates, flexible scheduling and benefits including family medical and dental insurance, each facility strives to provide a working environment and team driven structure that supports individual workers and the community as a whole.

All employment opportunities are offered equally and are in compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and it’s 1991 Amendments, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Family Medical Leave Act of 1993, the Arkansas Civil Rights Acts, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and all other applicable federal, state, local, and industry-specific laws and regulations. There is no employment discrimination against any individual or group of individuals with regard to race, color, sex, religion, age, ancestry, national origin, and status as a veteran or disabled veteran, or physical or mental disability. All applicants will be considered for employment in line with their qualifications and with the needs of the employer. Reasonable accommodations may be provided as applicable. Our objective is to obtain individuals qualified for positions by virtue of job-related standards.

Please contact the facility Business Office Manager or Personnel Director if you are interested in the possibility of employment with a particular facility.

For other employment opportunites, please contact Reliance Health Care, Inc. at 1-800-930-9110



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For more information, facility tours, and rates, please contact the individual facility in which you are interested.

Or, you may contact Reliance Health Care, Inc.

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